Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga. Does this term bring images of yogis twisting and turning into extreme poses?

The good news is that you don’t have tie yourself in knots to benefit from yoga. Whether you are in a wheelchair or a power chair, yoga is easily adaptable for people of all abilities.

There are many excellent reasons for starting the practice of Yoga. Here are just a few:

  • Increased strength, balance and flexibility — both mental and physical
  • Greater lung capacity
  • Reduced levels of stress, tension and anxiety
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • …and more

If you have a medical condition, you may want to consult with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. While practicing Yoga, it may be a good idea to have an instructor, caregiver, or partner present.  When stretching, stretch to the point of mild tension – never pain.

To get started with your seated yoga practice, watch this 15 minute video for more information!


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