Don’t Let a Disability Impair Your Holiday Visit

Visiting for the holidays, whether for the day or for several days, can be stressful. And if you or a loved one is mobility-challenged, planning ahead for that trip can be the key to an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips for making your holiday plans a success when you use a wheelchair or other mobility device to get around.

Organize your suitcase before you travel.

If you are planning an overnight trip, pack with a purpose:

  • Pack essential safety items first, like medications, and put them in a secure place where you’ll always have access to them – in a bag on your wheelchair or in your carry-on if you’re flying.
  • Wheelchair users should bring a small wheelchair travel battery charger when you visit. Newer chargers are about the size of a laptop power converter and are convenient to store in the trunk or suitcase.
  • Pack light, but not too light. You can save space and time by planning outfits in advance and packing them paired up, so that it’s faster and easier to get going quickly in the mornings, as your clothing is ready to go.

 Bring or rent the equipment you need.

Bring the equipment you need to be comfortable when you visit, including a walker, shower chair, etc. Consider portable versions of these items to save trunk space. Remember, you can always rent equipment locally if you plan ahead and that includes ramps and lifts.

A Portable Ramp is a great investment that can help in many situations, such as visiting friends and family throughout the year. Portable ramps are made of aluminum and are available in lengths ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet. They can handle weight up to 800 lbs., yet are light enough to simply lay down in the designated area for use, then move out of the way when not in use. Since portable ramps do not require professional installation, they can be rented for a single-day or longer stay and are a great option if your holiday plans involve visiting numerous people at different homes. They can be easily transported in most automobiles and used in different locations as needed.

Modular Ramps are heavy-duty aluminum ramps composed of prefabricated sections. A professional will configure your modular ramp to nearly any length and configuration. Modular ramps are a good option for larger flights of stairs and have a standard width of 3 feet, a weight capacity of 850 lbs., and sturdy handrails on both sides so you can safely navigate the ramp. Modular ramps are professionally installed and can be assembled or removed in less than two hours. If you need a modular ramp, plan ahead, as it may not be possible to deliver and install same-day on short notice.

Outdoor Stairlifts are also professionally installed and can be mounted on almost any outdoor staircase, regardless of the number of steps.  Outdoor stairlifts are an excellent option when the home has a large staircase but a small yard without sufficient space for a ramp, or if the yard is on a hill. Stairlifts are an excellent option for individuals who are semi-mobile but have difficulty with stairs. They are easy to operate with just the push of a button on the arm rest or on the included remote.

Indoor Stairlifts are a great option if you need access to 2nd-story bedrooms or bathrooms. Similar to their outdoor counterparts, indoor stairlifts are a great option for individuals who are mobile but have difficulty with stairs. Stairlifts take up only a small amount of space on a stair case, allowing plenty of room for others to utilize the stair case, as well. If the staircase is curved the stairlift will need to be custom manufactured. As a result, curved lifts are only available for purchase and cannot be rented.

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